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Welcome, and thanks for stopping by and browsing my site.

My name is Jessica.  I’m a teacher, educational coach, writer, and blogger living in Denver, CO.  I live 45 minutes away from the Rocky Mountains.  I was born in Denver and have remained put in my home city.  I love my home state and all the beauty it has to offer.  I am a lover of books, Harry Potter, and rabbits.  I have 3 rabbits that I share my home with. 

I’ve been working as an educator for over 7 years.  I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education and initially began my educator journey as a tutor at a high school.  I moved to a preschool teaching position the next year, but still managed to fit some private tutoring in on the side.  I’m in my 4th year of teaching preschool, and my private tutoring has expanded to reading, elementary math, and executive function or educational coaching.

I started this blog after diving into more research about some of the challenges I faced as a student in school.  After learning that I had grown up with a type of social anxiety disorder, I poured myself into research about the type of anxiety I had.  As I dug deeper into my research, my perspective of both myself and the adults in my life started to shift.  I’d come to terms a few years earlier with thinking of myself as having been a socially awkward kid.  I’d even been spoken to and described by some of the adults in my life as awkward and immature.  Learning about the type of anxiety shifted my perspective of myself from being immature to a student who had needed adjustments in the environment.  I began to feel I had been misunderstood as a kid by the adults around me.

My research about the anxiety I faced as a kid snowballed into wanting to learn more about learning disabilities in general and how they affect kids.  I pulled up multiple podcasts of educators and parents speaking about learning disorders and read many articles and journals.  Many of the people who spoke about learning disabilities had grown up with an undiagnosed disorder, and had faced similar feelings and challenges that I had.  They had been misunderstood by the adults around them due to having a learning disorder that was out of their control.

After learning about the challenges faced by both myself and others due to having a learning difference, I wanted to create a space to share my findings and information with others.  I wanted to write about how to help students who are struggling and how to shift one’s perspective about those students.  I hope to provide others with information that is transformative in their own journeys either as teachers and parents or as students struggling with school.


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